August 16, 2016
August 16, 2016
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led panel light

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The advent of LED’s of sufficient quality to provide good quality illumination comparable to that provided by traditional light sources such as halogen and fluorescent lamps has led to exciting alternatives to familiar types of light fittings / lamps.

One such fitting is the LED Panel Light, designed to replace the traditional fluorescent unit fitted in 600mm x 600mm suspended ceilings. LED Panel Lights use far less energy and last much longer, leading to numerous advantages over the products historically installed in almost every suspended ceil in offices, schools, industrials and commercial premises.

These remarkable light fittings are designed to be a genuine replacement for traditional modular fittings, the likes of which are found in pretty much every office ceiling throughout the world. Instead of using four fluorescent lamps and control gear, as in traditional recessed fittings, LED Panel Lights use a fraction of the power and last for an amazing 40,000 hours. So, not only do you save money on energy costs, there is a tremendous saving in maintenance requirements.

Definition of LED panel light

The LED panel light is a cutting edge, ultra slim, light source that offers solutions for a multitude of lighting applications including: architectural lighting, illuminated display, retail lighting, interiors lighting and illuminated graphics. LED panel lights can be supplied with graphics which can be applied directly to an opal diffuser attached to the face of the panel for high impact or without graphics for a simple ultra thin light source. As the LED light sheet is so thin and can be cut to a variety of shapes and sizes it opens up a whole new world of lighting opportunities.

LED panel lights are made up of thick sheet of clear acrylic with high brightness LED light strips embedded into a channel at the edge of the acrylic. To ensure the optimum distribution and output of light, the face of the acrylic is etched with a series of fine lines which refract the LED light outwards.

These etched lines are one of the main noticeable differences between two types of LED panel lights. The Stripe LED panel lighhas graduated etched parallel lines in a single direction on the surface, whereas the Matrix LED panel lighthas a series of vertical and horizontal lines creating a uniform grid, or matrix. The reason for the differing etched patterns is the stripe engraved pattern is individual to that particular panel whereas the matrix is cut down from larger sheets, meaning the Stripe LED Matrix is made more specifically for the size specified.

The other main difference is the Stripe LED panel light utilizes higher brightness LEDs which offer a higher light output. To optimize the light output the LED panel light have a reflective white backing sheet on the rear to ensure all available light is reflected out of the front. In both cases the etched lines on the face coupled with the reflective backing on the rear offers the brightest and most even light possible from the surface of the LED panel light.

Why LED panel lights are preferred? 
LED lighting is a new technology and is developed to gradually replace traditional incandescent lamps and fluorescent tubes for indoor lighting as well as the traditional fluorescent light boxes used in promotional displays and signs. The main reason for this is because LED lights saves energy, lasts long, and LED panel light are much more compact and thus easier to handle than the traditional fluorescent light boxes. For example, an 22″x28″ LED panel lightis rated at only 20-22 Watts as compared with 100-200 Watts for the same size of fluorescent light boxes while generating approximately the same brightness.

The LED panel light are low maintenance as they are made with high quality durable components which ensure the longest lifespan possible, estimated to be over 70,000 hours long. To ensure the longevity of the LEDs, it is essential that they are thermally managed. The heat generated by the LEDs is controlled by a special heat sink that is fitted to the rear side of the panel which dissipates the heat away from the LEDs.

As well as being available in various shapes and sizes, the LED panel ligh can be supplied with various LED color temperatures or even with RGB color changing LEDs. Light panels with RGB color changing LEDs can be supplied with a DMX controller to manage the color changing and the sequencing. The LED panel light can also be supplied with a dimmable controller unit to allow the user complete control of the brightness of the lighting for the perfect ambience.

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Advantage of led panel
1.Super thin, beautiful structure design
2.Extremely smooth light
3.Adopt high quality driver , Mean-well and so on
4.Amazing lighting efficiency
5.Replace the traditional lamp and luminous flux perfectly
6.UL certification on process
7.Other same feature with similar suppliers

Application of led panel
1.Commercial lighting location
2.Hotel, Supermarket, conference room, office, factory, house
3.Airport, metro station
4.School, hospital and other public places

What are unique about iBright ™ LED panel light?
ATG Electronics is the world No.1 solution provider for indoor lighting retrofit products. As a professional LED lighting supplier, our latest LED lighting innovations including iBright™ LED T8 tubes, iBright™ LED panel light, iBright™ LED troffers, eLucent™ LED down lights, Smart™ LED wall washers, and eLucent™ LED lamps.

iBright ™ LED panel light is a well-designed, lay-in ceiling troffer fixture widely used in offices, hospitals, and other professional locales.

iBright ™ LED panel light have an outstanding luminous efficacy of 91 lm/W achieved by utilizing ultra-bright SMD LEDs in tandem with Japanese-design reflective materials. Its luminous efficacy is far greater than common LED panels on the market, which are generally rated at 50lm/W. iBright ™ LED panel light are available in three dimensions: 2X2, 1X4, 2X4.

By mounting LED arrays at the back side of the panel, rather than sideways, as is usually done in other panels on the market, iBright™ LED panel light achieve maximum heat dissipation and thermal control capabilities. Such a design also helps ensure low lumen decay.

The electrical performance of iBright™ LED panel light are guaranteed by a highly reliable, UL/cUL, KEMA, and CE certified external driver.

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